Products & Services

Our Services

FWVCG offers a variety of name brand, unique designed fashion eyewear to its customers, services and products to its patients include:
  • Comprehensive clinical eye examination by licensing optometrist
  • The clinical base optometry retail outlet will be equip with necessary refraction tools and instruments enable to provide a comprehensive primarily eye test by optometrist. Optician will be the dispensing key person with advance optical machinery provides. A proper clinical patient data record filing system to be used enabling the effective professional referring when necessary.

Lens Simulation & Experience Centre

The continues of developing and consolidating our retail outlets and increasing our efforts in the development of marketing not only cater at our own brands "Hollywood Eye-Trend Eyewear" but also the added-values by launching the 'Lens Simulation & Experience Centre' which will eventually provide the customer to explore an exclusive new ways of delivering and recommending features of the lenses that meets patients' requirements.