Ideal Kids Frames

  • Price range RM380, special price when walk in enquiry at the Branch.
  • Professional Eye Test and free consultaion specially for children at optom clinic in Berjaya Mega Mall (Hollywood Eye-Trend) Kuantan and UCSI Optometry Centre in UCSI University (South Wing) Kuala Lumpur.

Miniboxx Eyewear

One of the latest product line from the BOXX EYEWEAR series is the MINIBOXX. Spot on to its name, the MINIBOXX is a new line of design in glasses that are made especially for children aged 3 to 9.

When buying children’s eyeglasses, the designers behind MINIBOXX are well aware of the fact that not only fashion and frame colour are significant factor, that it is essential to consider the fit of the frame and their durability as well.

The MINIBOXX eyewear series carries both BOY and GIRL Collections.

For Boy

The frames of this series come in the vibrant colours of light blue, yellow and green. These colours signify bliss and happiness which bring out the cool and outgoing style of the boyish personality.

For Girls

The frame of this series come in dazzling colours of light pink, red and orange which matches the exact aesthetics of the girlish personality, being fun, cute, sweet and everything nice.


One of the major features in the MINIBOXX series is frame flexibility, which enables the glasses to withstand everyday wear and tear.

The MINIBOXX has both metal and plastic frames. The front of the metal frames is made of titanium and that of the plastic frames is made with acetate.

The temples of both styles are made from a combination of rubber, nylon and magnet parts. Each style comes with spring hinges that allow the temples to flex in either direction. These materials are light-weight to ensure prolonged wearing yet sturdy enough to prevent breakage which holds up well with children.


In addition to its playful and colourful fashion style, the MINIBOXX places equal importance on its practicality and functionality as well. Each pair of MINIBOXX eyewear comes with extension temples made with magnetic tips. This feature acts as a secure loop to prevent the eyewear from dislodging in the face area.

As most children are active and unaware of contact impact when engaged in sports, this concept proves to be a safety must. The length of the secure loop is adjustable so that the users can wear the glasses around the neck making them less cumbersome when it comes to mobility.